About Us!

Our Story…

Believe it or not, I started this business in 1984 with an unlisted phone number. Obviously at a time before the internet, email and social media, a phone number was a businesses life-blood and mine was unlisted! Who would do such a thing? And why? Well, I was young and foolish! But my theory was if the only people able to find my company came from referrals, then I could keep my client community tight, and my customer service at an extremely high level.

36 years later, with websites, Instagram, Facebook, ims, dms, texts, and all the other technology we use so routinely, it hasn’t really changed that much. This business, on its 4th decade now, runs on referrals.

From the initial consultation, scheduling, shooting multiple locations and events, image delivery, album and video creation, it’s a one on one relationship between my clients and myself. At a time when this industry has been swamped with vendors, many having very little product or customer service experience, Ray Karaman Photography prospers.

Our image quality is second to none. Our montage album creations are unique and unparalleled, using the best printing and bookbinding available on the planet. Our video is unobtrusive, high definition and delivered via the media of your choice.

Ray Karaman

Jeff Block

My partner Jeff Block and I have been shooting together since the early 90’s. Close to 30 years!  Jeff has changed the course of this business. In addition to his obvious skills, Jeff brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to all his jobs. We routinely get calls and emails on Monday mornings from clients raving about Jeff before they’ve seen 1 image! It’s made him one of the most sought-after event photographers in the Tri State area for decades now.

Ed Cody

Ed Cody has been with us for 15 years now. Ed’s a technical wizard and a pleasure to work with. His low-key style and old-school work ethic make for timeless images. Much of our online presence comes from Ed’s camera.

Alex Castro

Alex Castro has been with me for 15 years. A master photographer and printer, many of our online images come from Alex. What he’s taught us about Lightroom and Photoshop can’t be measured.

Tom Juliani

Tom Juliani has been with us for 9 years now. He’s a top candid photographer. He captures our parties with plenty of flair, with an unobtrusive style.

Thank you for reading about us and hope you’ll consider us for your next event!

~ Ray Karaman